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Sell the property as quickly as possible, and have the cash in hand immediately.
In the case where the homeowner has a negative equity, we can help them with a short sale where their lender would accept less than what's owed to sell their property. In many cases, this releases the borrower from the deficiency.
Allow the homeowner to continue to stay at his or her home and have an option to purchase it back in the future.
Rescue My Home - Helping Florida Homeowners Since 1995!

Are you faced with financial hardship and having difficulty making your mortgage, association fee, or property tax payments? At Rescue-My-Home.org, we understand that many times situations arise that are out of our control (such as a death in the family or a divorce), and these situations force us to make complicated decisions regarding the future of our home or family estate. If you are feeling the financial pressure and need to sell quickly, we have good news for you: you do have options, and we can help!

Rescue-My-Home.org was formed in order to help homeowners who are falling behind on their payments to get back on track. Whether you’re facing a foreclosure, an estate sale, or just need to sell your home quickly, we want you to know that you have options… and you should know all those options before making a decision. Our experience serving the Florida market, along with our broad network of partners, means that we are knowledgeable experts in real estate procedures, tax codes, lending practices, and foreclosure law. And we promise to work objectively on your behalf to make the entire transaction process as convenient, efficient, and (most importantly) as quick as possible to help you meet your financial goal. Trust Rescue-My-Home.org to help you get on with your life and eliminate the burden of stress that comes along with the uncertainty of your property’s future.

Don’t wait any longer. Let us rescue your home, and give you the freedom to get yourself back on track.