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Sell Inherited Real Estate For CASH Today!
Rescue My Home buys houses and condos in any condition. Heirs or trustees please call 305-349-3770 to get a price on a home left to you by your loved ones. You can deal directly with the cash buyer with no middleman. Close fast on your house in probate.

Once we make a deal to purchase the property, we can pay for all expenses including:
  • Legal and probate fees
  • Backed-up taxes, association dues, and utilities
  • Fines, liens or code enforcement violations
  • Closing costs
  • Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Moving expenses
All you have to do is make a deal with us on the sale of your probate home.

How to qualify:

If your loved one has passed away and you believe you are entitled to all or part of their properties, then you qualify. We will make sure the process is done legally through probate process.

Probate is the court-supervised process of transferring property at death pursuant to the terms of the will, or through eligibility.

The probate and transfer process can be extremely complex, costly, and overwhelming; especially when you're grieving the loss of a loved one. Let our legal team handle the entire process for you, and walk away with peace-of-mind and cash in your pocket.

Rescue my home has an in-house legal counsel that lifts the burden of inherited estate off your shoulders through a clean sale. Fines, fees, and debts related to the property are often wiped away forever.

Let us help you in this difficult time and smile again with the help of Rescue My Home. Please click to contact us about real estate probate.

Sell the property as quickly as possible, and have the cash in hand immediately.
We help homeowners eliminate the debt on their property by helping them with a short sale. In cases where the homeowner has a negative equity, we can help with a short sale so the lender accepts less than the balance. In many cases, this releases the borrower from the deficiency.
Allow the homeowner to continue to stay at his or her home and have an option to purchase it back in the future.