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Rescue-My-Home.org was formed in order to help homeowners who are falling behind on their payments to get back on track. Whether you're facing a foreclosure, an estate sale, or just need to sell your home quickly, we want you to know that you have options.
  • Are you facing the loss of your house?
  • Has there been a death in your family, and you now have an unwanted property?
  • Is your lender difficult to deal with?
  • Have your payments gone up?
  • Are you "underwater" because of the real estate market crash?
  • Are you in need of help to get out of a bad investment?
  • Does your property have code-enforcement liens or violations?
  • Is your house in need of urgent repairs?
If you have a property in Miami-Dade or Broward County, and meet any of the above qualifications, we may be able to help you. Rescue-My-Home.org provides the following options for homeowners facing foreclosure, or who have an imminent need to sell their property:

Sell the property as quickly as possible, and have the cash in hand immediately.
We help homeowners eliminate the debt on their property by helping them with a short sale. In cases where the homeowner has a negative equity, we can help with a short sale so the lender accepts less than the balance. In many cases, this releases the borrower from the deficiency.
Allow the homeowner to continue to stay at his or her home and have an option to purchase it back in the future.

We want to help you regardless of the condition of your property. Now is the time to take action. Whether you own a house, condo or multi-family unit, we can rescue your home and give you the freedom you need to get back on track.