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Sell the property as quickly as possible, and have the cash in hand immediately.
In the case where the homeowner has a negative equity, we can help them with a short sale where their lender would accept less than what's owed to sell their property. In many cases, this releases the borrower from the deficiency.
Allow the homeowner to continue to stay at his or her home and have an option to purchase it back in the future.

" My family and I could not afford living in our current home. We were all out of options, and were about to be forced to vacate the property by the bank. Path Investments bought it from the courthouse, and instead of kicking us out, they kept us in there! The worked out a payment plan that I can afford. I ended being able to buy back my home within a year, at 50% less than what I owed! We never had to leave the house at all. "

" My wife and I owed a lot of money to the bank for our property. However the property was worth way less then what they wanted, so we were out of luck. We were going to lose the home to the bank until Path Investments stepped in. They had a team of professional negations that got the bank to agree to settle the loan for less so the house can be sold. We were released from the debt we had with the bank and no foreclosure was hit on our credit! Thank heaven, since we now can buy another home with no problems! "

"Our house was badly burned and damaged. There were open code violations and permits and thought that we may lose the house to the city. Path Investments came in, paid us cash for the house, paid for our moving and legal costs, and even found us a new home to move to. They really took care of all our troubles!"

"I live in a condo and they hit me with a large special assessment every moth. I could not afford it at all and well I did not know how I can take care of the payments. They were going to place a lien on my property and did not know where to turn. Path Investments came in, gave me cash for the property paid of the assessments in full, and even rented the property back to me so I can stay there! "

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